. Effective for Laundry & Cleaning

. Economical... wash & clean for  pennies

. 100% pure, natural, chemical free

. Soap nuts laundry, cleans, freshens, softens 

. Replaces household cleaners

. Converts to liquid and powder

. Endless shelf life ( Soap Nuts )

. 100% biodegradable, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic

Love It Soap Natural Select Soap Nuts are dried shells from the berry of the Sapindus Muykorossi tree, located in India & Nepal. 

Soap Nuts contain a substance called saponin, which is a natural soap. Our imported select Soap Nuts are of the highest quality. 


Leaves laundry clean, fresh & soft

Eliminates use of brightners & fabric softners

Gentle enough for delicate fabrics

Effective soil & odor removal

º  Hypoallergenic, fragrance free, eco-friendly & biodegradable

º  Low sudsing- perfect for ( HE ) washers

º  Free of synthetic chemicals, fillers, toxins, dyes, & perfumes

º  Cleaned, sorted & packaged is USA

Laundry Directions

Natural Soap Nuts:  Usage 4 - 7 times

Put 5 or 6 soap nut ( 1/2 oz. ) in drawstring bag- tie bag securely

Put in washer before adding clothes

Wash clothes

Remove from washer after wash load is complete

Place in washer immediately for another load or let dry for next usage

Not harmed by drying in dryer

Use until nuts become thin & light in color

Soap Nuts have a slight smell, laundry will have ony fresh scent

* Cold water wash- presoak nuts in bag in hot water 

   ( several minutes ) & then put in washer

Laundry Powder: 

Usage 2 or 3 teaspoons 

Making Powder: Place nuts in a coffee grinder & grind to a fine powder

Household Cleaning

Gentle, non-irritating, chemical free cleaning

Eliminates use of harsh chemicals

Safe on hands and body

Effective cleaning on all types of surfaces


    Window/glass cleaner

º  All purpose Kitchen & Bathroom

º  Washng fruits & vegetables  

º  Dish detergent

º  Counter tops, tile, granite, stainless steel

º  Jewelry cleaner 

º  Carpet cleaner  

º  Effective plant spray for pest deterrent

º  Car wash- will not remove wax

º  Many other uses  

Soap Nut Liquid for Cleaning

Making Liquid: 45 minutes 

Place 20- 25 soap nuts in pot

Add 6 cups water & boil for 20 minutes

Add another cup of water & boil for 10 minutes

Add 2 cups water & boil for 15 minutes

Strain nuts from liquid & store in container

Store container in refrigerator for longer shelf life 

Household Cleaning Recipes

All Purpose Cleaner

Straight soap nut liquid


1/2 cup Soap Nut liquid

1/8 cup of water

2 tbsp. white vinegar

Glass Cleaner

1 tbsp. Soap Nut liquid

1/2 cup of water

2 tbsp. white vinegar

2 tbsp. isopropyl alcohol ( optional )

Hand Dishwashing

Soap Nut liquid as regular dishwashing liquid

1 tbsp. white vinegar per cup of Soap Nut liquid ( optional )

Jewelry Cleaner

3 tbsp. Soap Nut liquid

1/4 cup of water

Let soak for 20 - 30 minutes


5-6  Soap Nuts in drawstring bag

Place bag in utensil rack ( not detergent dispenser )

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