Provides nutrients, vitamins, minerals, Moisturizes skin, Softens fur- Shiny coat, Helps with dry patches, Flea & Tick Repellent, Wound healing, Boost immune system, Nerve calming, 

Anti-itch & Controls bacteria & fungi



Vegetable Glycerin- Grade A Honey

Certified Organic Oils:

Borago officinalis (Borage seed oil), Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba oil),

Cocos nucifera (Extra Virgin Coconut oil)

Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender), Mentha piperita (Peppermint), 

Juniperus Virginia (Cedarwood), 

Plant based Squalane, Vitamin C & E


Vegetable Honey Glycerin

Saponified Vegetable oils-primarily Coconut Oil, Glycerine ( kosher, of vegetable origin), 100% Natural Grade A Honey, Purified Water, Oat protein ( gluten free conditioner)

100% Natural Grade A Honey

Softens fur, Moisturizes Skin, Wound Healing, Provides nutrients, minerals, vitamins ( A,B Complex, C,D, E, K Antioxidant, Helps Allergies, Helps Gastrointestinal Problems

 Jojoba Oil 

Natural form of Vitamin E, Soothes Skin, Unclogs hair follicles, Softens Fur, Helps with dry patches, Improves coat- shiny coat, Natural fungicide, Moisturizes the Skin, Controls bacteria and Fungi, Wildcrafted Cedarwood, Flea-repelling, Antiseptic, Tonifying, Circulation-stimulating, Skin & Coat Conditioning, Helps with dermatitis of all types

Lavender Oil

Very Safe & Gentle, Anti-itch, Nerve calming, Good for skin irritations, first-aid

Peppermint Oil

Antispasmodic, Stimulates Circulation, Good for arthritis, dysplasia, sprains & strains

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Improves coat, Antioxidant Properties, Helps Absorption of oils, etc. Helps with Bacteria, Helps with Itching, Deodorizes dog scent

 Borage Oil

Anti-inflammatory, Helps with immune system, Improves coat & skin, Calming, Helps Allergies, 

Aides mental development in puppies, Improves cognitive function in older dogs, Lower blood pressure, 

Good for kidney and heart disease

Plant  based Squalene, Vitamin C & E

Helps boost immune system, Nerve calming agent, Helps with illness & Healthy Coat  Helps with skin and coat, Helps immune system, Helps reduce cholesterol levels, Anti-inflammatory,  Helps arthritis, Good for heart

Love It Soap is committed to purity and back to nature.  Our essential oils used are not diluted, altered, or synthetic modified.

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